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Investment: BDO Junior Saver’s Club – savings account for your child

BDO Junior Saver’s Club is my choice when I opened a bank account for my daughter because it is very near in our house and aside from that they have a greater interest rates.

Saving is an art of putting aside money not intended for use it’s either kept in a bank or vault or piggy bank.  It is an important aspect that is imparted by our parents. It is one of the values that we should practice in order for us to be free from financial blunders later on. It is how you manage your money and save what’s intended for future use.

As we all know we should start young so our money will grow by the time it matures.  Having a savings account for our young ones is one of mother’s dreams for their children.  It is their way of saving for their future which the child can only withdraw when she/he reaches 18 years of age.  Mostly, parent’s save up for college tuition fees or their daughter’s debut.  BDO Junior Saver’s Club is a bank account for our kids.  By the way BDO or Banco De Oro is one of the leading banks here in the Philippines.  It offers every scheme suitable for each individual may it be saving, checking or loans.  Just check your preference before you open an account at your desired bank.

Opening a bank account for the youngsters is as easy as a breeze.  First you have to consider the Banks offers and promo, next is the location.  As a busy mom we hardly have any time for anything.  What more going to the bank and wait for your que.  All you have to do is go to one of their branch.  Bring your child’s birth certificate, mother’s valid id at least 2 and a 1×1 pictures for documentation and voila your child have a savings account already.  The starting amount to be deposited is only Php100.00.

You can also withdraw the funds anytime you want.  But in my opinion these account should not be touched at all.  Especially if it is for your child’s future.  Securing your sons or daughters college by means of saving it in the bank for safekeeping is one of my joy.  Little by little it incurs interest each day.  Even for a small amount I know she has something that she can look forward and she have some lump some that she can use for her future.  Having a savings account for your youngster is one way of securing her future.

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