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Get your cashback through Shopback app

Get your cashback through shopback.  I know you were wondering on how to get your money back or is this such a thing as getting it back?  Well honey, I hope rebates ring a bell to you.

Earning money is not as easy as pie.  It entails hard work and effort.  Let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees.  In order for us to have money we need to find ways even the littlest will add up. Some people earn big time, some just so so.  But the good thing is at least your getting something.

Now, let me share to you how to earn money through rebates. I am saying this is not part of my side hustle but I officially get rebates from my purchases online especially

I would like to tell you about this app which you can use either through your browser or through your mobile app. It is called ShopBack

I think I’ve been using this app for quite a while now on my purchases on line.  It has a wide array of selections of shops that are affiliated with them and offering rebates on your purchases.  For instance, I am an avid Lazada fan.  So instead of directing to their own app I go to Shopback app first and from there I am directed to Lazada app and I will now start my purchase.  By the way you can also get rebates from honestbee, grab, shopee, agoda, food panda and may more affiliates that you are using.


Here are the accumulated amount that I got.  It’s quite small but heck, nobody gives a cents this days.


I am waiting for my earnings to reach Php500.00 before I will cash out. 💰💰💰

By the way when you sign up using my referral code you can get Php100.00 instantly plus another Php100.00 when you actually made a purchase.  Signing up is free of course and aside from that you can now start getting your rebates💲.


Here is my referral code just click here.

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