How to get CAV Requirements for Department of Education

You may ask what the heck are the CAV requirements for Department of Education purposes.

CAV is short of Certified, Authenticate and Validate.  So why do you need a CAV for?  If you are aspiring to work abroad one of the requirements is your High School credentials and not just the typical original with photocopy it needs to be validated, authenticated and certified by the Department of Education itself before you can have it  red ribbon at the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Getting the requirements is tedious for me especially that my High School is at the province of Bohol and I am now Manila based.  I have no other option but to consult google and the Dep Ed hotline for the requirements and the lesson is call and check many times before sending your documents.

The scenario was I called Dep Ed and the information told me the needed requirements.  I immediately send it to our province via LBC then my nephew went to school to process it for me then my nephew told me to verify the requirements before he go to the regional Dep Ed which is Dep Ed Region VII in Cebu City.

Then, I called Dep Ed Manila again and now the information gave me another set of requirements which makes me want to shout right now because I was thinking how come they did not told me the list of complete requirements last week when I called them.

Geez.  I already spent for LBC shipping of my documents just a few days before and now they need another new documents. So I have no choice but to send the document they need.  Hay naku nakakaloka.. Nakakainis lang yung pabalik balik ka at gagastos ka na naman. Di po ako tumatae ng pera.  Isa pa ho nakikisuyo lang ako gawa ng andito ako sa Manila at need ko magtrabaho.

I sent all the  CAV requirements for Department of Education to my nephew in Bohol except the PSA birth cert because they did not indicate it when I called their office before.  I just find out now that it was one of the requirements and they will not process my papers if it was incomplete… TAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDD!

Thankfully my nephew told me to call Dep Ed Manila again to check before he travels to Cebu. Hay Naku talaga.

I am so sorry dear readers if I am so angry.  I felt like exploding eh.


Here is the CAV requirements for Department of Education

  • High School Diploma
  • Form137
  • Certificate of Graduation
  • Special Order # (if you graduated fro private school)
  • Another set of requirement if you graduated from public school (**I will research it and post it soon here)
  • 2×2 picture with white background
  • Endorsement letter from your high school
  • PSA birth certificate

Bring 3 photocopies of each and the originals for reference.

If you will ask someone to do it for you because you can’t process it you need to secure a authorization letter and Special Power of Attorney, a photocopy of your IDs.

By the way, if your school is from the province just like mine you have to go to the Regional Department of Education after your CAV then you can request to forward it to Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila.

They will give you a claim stub and you can claim your authenticated documents which we all called RED RIBBON DOCUMENTS.


Department of Education Hotline:



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