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The Cost of dying in the Philippines

Almost 80% of Filipinos don’t believe in getting a preneed plans because most of them are not thinking ahead or the inflation rate or basically they just neglect the fact that they eventually need it for future use.  Like getting health insurance, retirement, disability, life, funeral and so much more.  Most of us have so many things in mind basically not thinking about tomorrow.  Some are wise enough to secure their family and their future.  They are allotting their hard earned money for these even if they do not have enough.


Like me it took me a while to realize this things.  I tend to live one day at a time not thinking that in the future I need money for my maintenance, I need money for my child’s college since she is in her grade school now,  I need money just in case (knock on the wood) we are hospitalize and not being morbid just in case death occurs. (wag naman sana)..


As early as now even if its late but i hope not that late.  I am trying to secure our families future.  I got myself a savings account with insurance policy combo.  I also get a St. Peter Life Plan. I am now thinking ahead because inflation rate will eventually take its toll.

In order to save my sanity I secured myself first.

The benefits of getting a St. Peter Life Plan

  • it saves you from the inflation rate
  • it has a promo of money back guarantee
  • it has a cash insurance

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