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How to get the EX-Abroad Info Sheet

Ex-abroad info sheet is one of the requirements when you had a previous work experience abroad.  This is like a bio-data of your work abroad history profile.

When I attended the company’s orientation, they immediately brief us regarding the requirements for deployment and one of them is the EX-Abroad Info Sheet.

You may ask me what the heck is an Ex-Abroad Info Sheet and where exactly are you going to get them?  Just like me, I was clueless about this one.

Well, do not fret because I will discuss on how and where to secure them.

If you were an ex-abroad like me, we really need to get this information sheet from POEA in Ortigas.  You have to come early because there are a lot of applicants who need this as well.  Just tell the guard at the entrance that you need an Ex-Abroad Information sheet.  The guard will hand over a form that you have to fill up together with your number.  Do not forget to bring valid id’s especially your passport.

You will go inside by batches and each batch is a 100s.  Medyo madami ang tao.  Be ready with your water and biscuit because it will take you 1 hour or so to process the whole thing.

Once inside you have to wait for your number to be called at a specific window and they will check the completeness of the form and will get your id.  Afterwards the man with a microphone will call you by name and  he will give you a print out of your ex-abroad work history and voila you now have your EX-Abroad Information sheet.

You will not pay for anything. This service is free. You may now have it photocopied before submitting it to your agency.

Good luck on your future endeavor.


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