Investment, Moneytize opening their 19th cycle



Join and invest now..

It is now official that is opening its doors once again to each and every would be investors on their farms.  Their registration is open until August 31, 2018 only so hurry up and grab the opportunity to earn without even lifting a finger.  You will not pay on your registration, but you will invest on their farms.  You have the freedom to choose which crop and which farm are you going to fund, each plot has a corresponding amount and you will wait for their response if your reservation is confirmed, now  send the money to their bank account and wait for another notification.  They will announce when will the next farming be.


For those newbies out there if you are scared and hesitant to invest do your research first because investing in this type of crowd funding is not an easy way to get rich scheme.  It will take time.  Quite a lot of patience and waiting is the name of the game.  The management will give us timeline and which crop has a short duration of time and some will take you a year before you can get your return of investment.

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