Investment: Make money through FarmOn.Ph

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Today, I will talk about FarmOn.Ph 

What is FarmOn?

For all of us newbies about this new money making venture. FarmOn is an agri-business based on the internet. Basically, you will invest virtually on a farm somewhere in the province of Cagayan. Garit Sur, Pangasinan and more.  You will fund the farm by depositing your money in a bank which the site owner collect to fund the crops such as rice, watermelon, pechay and many more. As an investor you are free to choose which crops or livestock are you going to fund and how much of it will you get. It’s like farmville the real way, where you can choose what crops or livestock to invest with a corresponding amount to invest and there is a certain duration of harvest time of each crops or livestock usually 3-6 months depends on which type and as time goes you will get your ROI or return of investment which you can choose to withdraw or re-invest in the future cycle.  Keep in mind that you don’t need a farmland nor a farmer because someone will do the work for you.  You help the farmers financially but you will get a 50/50 profit sharing once they sell the products.  Investor don’t have to worry when there is typhoon or calamities because they will replenish the items and all you have to do is wait again.

How does it work?

First and foremost you have to:

1. join to their site. Unfortunately, it’s closed for now because the 17th cycle just ended.  You can join when 18th cycle is open. I hope I can join in. Let’s wait and see.

2. After registering you can choose which crops/livestock are you going to invest. Select your desired quantity and check the price.

3. Wait for confirmation e-mail.

4. Pay at BDO. I believe they say that investor need to be an account holder of BDO.  I am not sure about this one as of these moment. I will update soon.

5. Wait for the Farmon email once you got successfully order. They will ask you to email back  the contract with your signature.

6. Now you are a FarmOner.  Always check their site for progress. The fruit of your labor will be the harvest day.

By the way guys as the wise man said invest only what you are willing to loose.  In investing there is no guarantee if you will earn or loose some.  So always be mindful and be wise.

This is our way of earning passively.



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