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I am officially a Farmoner at farmonph.  It took me sometime to post this entry because I waited for their confirmation that they already received my money through Banco de Oro bank deposit. I actually knew farmon during their 17th cycle but I was not able to join them because they are very strict, they allowed joiners only before the start of each cycle and I waited for quite some time because I don’t know when will the next cycle will resume, so I checked every now and then because I am so eager to join the 18th cycle while waiting I saved some money in order for me to buy livestock and crops and finally they opened their doors at last.  The registration opened last April 16, 2018.  But I can’t get any crops nor livestock at the moment yet because there are a lot of joiners as well and their website is down during that time but the positive note is that I was finally registered.  Again patience is a virtue.  1 day after their opening there’s nothing much left but rice and banana all the other crops and livestock like tilapia, ducks, papaya and etc. are sold out or fully funded, and the only available items are bananas and rice, so I got 1 plot of rice and 1 plot banana. A total of Php10,000.00 for both.  Hey, I’ve got a limited cash so it’s better than nothing. And besides they are giving higher ROI than banks. I’ve learned that their ROI is between 13-14%.  Aside from that I am able to help the farmer fund their farms so they will be able to sustain it and they are sharing their sales to the ones who invested in their farms. I don’t even need to plow the farms and water the plants all the hard work was done by the farmers.

2days after I received my contract other farmoners say its quite fast these days but I was not to pay immediately because of my busy schedule.I think I paid after 5days and send them the scanned copy of receipt and contract and now my investment is on the process.  If I’ve got some more extra cash I will definitely add some more plots.


So ladies and gentlemen, if you want to join the Farmon community and invest, feel free to join.  But before joining I suggest you study first because it will take some time before you can see your investment and its not that big so do not expect too much.


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