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How to get a Globe GCash Master Card?

First and foremost let us talk about what is a Globe GCash Master Card and how to get a Globe Gcash MasterCard.  GCash MasterCard is a product of Globe Telecom.  It allows it users to use it as a debit card provided the client has a fund on its account.  The client may wish to use it on their online purchases or on shops and groceries that accepts MasterCard or wherever they wish it to be as long as the establishment accepts MasterCard Payment or GCash payment.  You can immediately see it because they have a sign on the cashier.

In order for you to use it you have to download Gcash App using your mobile phone here .

use my code as your referral and you will get Php20.00 instantly in your account That’s 311ECD.  Have it verified.  Submit a picture with your ID.  An agent will call you for verification purposes and once you are verified you will get the KYC code via SMS and that is the time you can cash in or deposit in your GCash account.  

You can cash in or top up anywhere especially at any globe store, moneygram, western union, BPi-Gcash, Paypal to GCash, RCBC to GCash and 7-11 branches.   There are also other partners which you can find handy at your GCash App. And there is no service charge so that is a very convenient and hassle free.  So once your done with the app download and verification and you want to get the GCash MasterCard App you should visit any Globe Store near you and bring 1 valid ID and a picture you will pay a Php200 fee for the card and wait for an hour or so because they will link your MasterCard to your Gcash app so you can use the card to transact to any merchant.  And also that will serve as your E-wallet as well.  They will engrave your name on it.

You may be intrigued about the benefits of having a Globe GCash App.  Well, its features are really useful and handy like you can earn rebates whenever you pay your bills and buy loads and made purchases using your GCash App.  You may opt not to get the GCash MasterCard you can still use your GCash wallet using its Scan QR Code.  You just have to find a a merchant with QR code.  I believe most groceries and department stores are accepting GCash nowadays.

The advantage of this app is the rebates that you will get in every transaction which every Juan are eager to get, because they can save some money from it.  I am encouraging everyone to get this app because you will not loose anything instead you will get rebates or cashback from your purchases or payments.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Aside from that you can also use this App to 1. Pay your bills, 2. Money Transfer, 3. Pay your flight, 4 Loading business, 5. You can also receive money if someone sends you money.  Then, if you wish to cash out you can visit any globe store or you may use your MasterCard to withdraw your money.  You will be charge Php 20 for bank withdrawals.


Ratings: 5 Stars

Recommendation:  Highly recommended.


**GCash card photo not mine.

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