How to get a St. Peter Life Plan


What is a St. Peter Life Plan?  That is the question? What kind of plan it offers” What is the benefit of getting such plans.  Too many questions but there are a few brave enough who answered. Let’s face it all of us  aren’t immortal, most of us wishes to have a fountain of youth but one way or the other we will not escape the inevitable which is death.  Everyone has a life span.  It’s just a matter of when, how and why.  But who are we to question that.  That is part of living.  That is our life cycle. I know it’s morbid to talk about death and dying and preparing oneself for that scenario, if you are not open to that idea feel free to leave this page right now.

So one time, I was watching a documentary about a person’s preparedness when he dies and I am telling you it brings nothing but heart break. Not only I was sorry for that someone who died but I was sorry for the family he/she left behind to face the hustle and the expenses that is incurred d

uring the funeral and burial.  Dying in itself is sad but dying poor and unprepared is sadder.  That is what pushed me to get a life plan from St. Peter.  As you all know dying is pretty expensive.  You will pay someone to pick up the body, embalm,casket, wake

and so may stuffs that the family will take care of amidst this grief.  In order for me to remove that blunder I finally decided to sign up and get a plan.

Yesterday at work an agent of St. Peter set an appointment with me.  I was actually planning to get a life plan for the longest time now because first it will give me peace of mind when the time that I need it. ( knock on the wood). 2nd I am avoiding the inflation rate and 3rd its transferable.

I get the 2nd affordable one I think its Gregory. It cost 725php each month for 5 years.

so let’s d0 the math   725x12monthsx5years = Php43,500.

Many years from now and due to inflation, the price of this life plan will rise.  So I can say that as early as now I will allot money for this.  Did you know that way before their money back promo is way cheaper.  Can you imagine that after 5 years on some certain plan they will give you a money back.  I think it is a percentage of the total amount.  But for now I can’t afford it.  It’s like double the amount.  I’d rather put aside on some investment so my money will grow.  By the way I still consider this as an investment.  Because someday I know prices are high and my family will not be able to afford such expenses.  This way I lessened the burden that comes with death and dying.  I am now thinking of saving for cremation. (God forbid)


I am planning also to be an agent. But I don’t know how.  For the time being I will be just  a plan holder.


What about you? Do u have a life plan as well?





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