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Honestbee: Get Php 500 off on your grocery bill

Shop now and enjoy Php500 off from your groceries


Honestbee offers P500 off from your purchases when you reached Php2500.00 And guess what honestbee is now here in the Philippines. They are a hit application to do the grocery shopping and ordering food online in ASIA. It makes a busy person life easier because there are a lot of options to choose from, you can have cooked food from your favorite restaurant, medicine, they have a wet market option as well and they will deliver it on your doorstep at your preferred time. Plus they offer Php500 off when you reached Php2500 worth of merchandise.  As skeptic as I am, I downloaded the app at the play store called Honestbeeph.  I was actually hesitant to use this app at first because I was thinking it might be a scam or something or they might phish for my information. But curiosity made me try it.  Before that I’ve read a lot of good reviews about it online so that gives me the confidence on trying it out, aside from that they have a cash on delivery option.  Talk about convenience huh?

One rainy afternoon, I was bored, I can’t go out because of the pouring rain and I have to go to out to buy milk for my daughter so I tried this app because of its convenience and of course the P500 off from my bill.  Who am to resist that offer.  I immediately scans the stores that are affiliated with them luckily Robinson’s supermarket was on their list.  I was hoping that Puregold will be one of them but I don’t mind.   So I browsed at their list and buy.  Their concierge will call you if some of your items are not available and have it replaced. Then they will inform you if its for delivery.

Proof of transaction

It’s real.  And they will deliver to you the food or the grocery items at your doorstep for a fee.  But if you meet the required amount they will deliver it to you for FREE. See I’ve used my Php500 reward when I signed up.

If you want to have a Php500 off rewards you can sign up here for free.

The good news is you can earn extra rebates when you use Shopback app. That’s a double whammy.

What about you guys? whats your favorite app?


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