How to get you PRC documents

First and foremost when you need to go to there you have to come early. SUper haba ng pila peeps. ANd you have to wear close shoes or they will not let you in.

You should bring both an original and photocopy of your documents.

When you arrive you go to the information near the entrance to get all the forms that you need. There are a lot of forms so be specific. Like Good standing, Authentication of your license, PRC Rating and Boar Certificate.

2nd step after filling up the forms you may proceed to window 1 or the cashier for payment. Dito na mgstart ang pila balde. haha. You have the choice to pay 75php for regular which will take you 3-5 days or 200php for express which you can get for after a couple of hours.

3rd step proceed to window 5 for receiving of documents. prepare the original and a clear photocopy of your PRC ID, Board certificate and of course your original ID for checking purposes

4th step proceed to 3rd floor annex building for submission of of board rating. They will get the Original as well as your Photocopy.

Then your done.

You will return on your schedule date and please don’t forget to bring your claim stub and the other original documents for checking.


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