Living on a budget

Budgeting is  a skill we need to master at this day and age.  Because everything gets to be expensive these days and as they say if you don’t have the money then you don’t have nothing and you cannot do anything.  Tough isn’t it.  That is why everybody is working so hard to get what they desire in life and when you are only earning a minimum amount that’s where the struggle begins because you only have a limited resources and you have a ton of responsibility like bills, food, fare, rent and other utilities.


But do you know that even if you are receiving a minimum amount we can still make both ends meet by living on a budget.  It is quite steep knowing that we only have a minimum wage and we can’t find ways to make our money grow no matter what because we are bounded with just one job and we have a family to take care of.  I mean we cannot just work for the whole day right?

Given the situation here in the Philippines.  Working on a 8hours a day per shift, 5days a week and receiving just a minimum wage of Php15,000.00 a month.  How much of it will be left before the next pay date? I know. Nothing right.  Don’t you worry my friend.  You are not alone in these bandwagon.


Living on a tight budget is critical.

For a single persona let us do the math shall we?  These are all in PHP.

Rent – Php3000/ month

Utilities (Power and water)- Php700



Food and Groceries Php5000

Load-Php 200

Parents Allowance-Php3000

TOTAL: Php12000

If you are a responsible adult, you get to save Php3000.  But mostly these amount will not even exist on your bank or shall I say it will perish.  Know why?  Because in reality you spend on so many things that you don’t need like Liqours, Cigarette, Shopping, Bar Hopping or dining out.  Which will cost you a lot of money in the long run.


If you have a family,  this minimum wage of Php15000 will not suffice.  Considering the price of the commodities and the cost of living. and the rising inflation rate.  No matter how much u budget it will never be enough.



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