Make Money Online: Lazada Affiliate

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Today, I want to share with you about how to earn through Lazada.

As we all know Lazada is one of the biggest online shopping platform here in the Philippines.  I for a fact is one of Lazada’s client. I enjoyed shopping at Lazada because 1. it’s hassle free 2. you can pay through COD or credit card 3. They are always on sale and 4.  They offer free delivery.

i found out that aside from spending money one can also earn money from them especially bloggers and site owners just by signing up to their affiliate program.  Follow the steps of signing up then you can post ads on your site.  Those ads are called affiliate links which in return will help you earn money if someone will click the ad and make a purchase from your referral link.  Don’t worry this will not incur any cost at all.  The shopper will just paid the products that she purchase through your link and as a reward Lazada will give you a percentage of its sales.  That’s what you call earning passive income.  As an affiliate you will earn even if you are not online at all.  You just have to work hard by driving traffic to your website.

What is Lazada affiliate?

Lazada affiliate program allowed a blogger or site owner to generate income from their blogs by means of promoting or advertising Lazada’s products by displaying their ads on your website.

How do you earn through Lazada?

You can earn if someone will click your ad/banner and made a purchase.

How much are you going to earn?

Earning is based on Percentage about certain goods.

What is the Pay out procedure?

Payment will be deposited to your bank account or Paypal. Minimum payout is USD25.00, if you did not reach the cap your money will be accumulated on the next month.  It will be computed in Philippine Peso so you don’t have to worry a thing.

Happy earnings.

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