My Portfolio

I am trying to build my portfolio, I am nearly on my 40’s and I feel like I have to rush things in order to achieve financial freedom and grow my wealth by the time I’ll reach 50.  So my timeline is 10years.  That is just short term.  As you can see I am a full time Nurse and I am a minimum wage earner I often ask myself how in the world will I achieve all of these before I retire. I don’t want to die poor nor I don’t want to grow old poor. That is why I am researching and reading a lot on how to diversify my income.  Living on a single income will not suffice literally.  I have to live and save and be frugal and keep track on my spending habits because the money is very limited.  I have to keep up with my side hustles in order for me to gain a bit of income for the future.

Here is my portfolio:

1. Savings Account

2 St. Peter Life Plan

3. Pag-ibig MP2

4. Pag-ibig MP1

5. SSS

6. Philhealth


My upcoming ventures:

  1. Simbayanan ni Maria Cooperative
  2. BPI Pamana Fund
  3. BPI Mutual Fund – ALMF
  4. Col Financial
  5. SSS Peso Fund

It’s pretty bare and I know it.  But I will not give up.  I will try to do my best and beat the odds.  I hope I can manage and will attain my dreams.  I just need to have faith and hopefully everything will be alright.  I am not the only one who is struggling with finances but I don’t want to stay here for long.  I want to be free from debts and I want to live comfortably.  I want to provide my child a better future.



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