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How much is my net worth?

Net worth is a measure of how much a person or a business have minus the liabilities.  Today I will share my personal net worth.  I am kind of ashamed but heck, these article will be my baseline or serves as progress report. So, How much is my worth?  I know you will tell yourself, yeah who cares?  But I hope it occurs on you and ask yourself the same.  How much is your net worth?Through this way you will realize and analyze your net value.

While I was browsing the internet I came across one post talking about her net worth.  It dawned me that at my age I really don’t have much.  Even though I am working full time as an OR nurse I don’t have a savings nor assets. All I have are liabilities.  Which saddened me.  I know it’s a bit late to shift the sails but I am trying and finding my way out towards financial freedom.  I believe that there is more to life than net worth but in order to have a comfortable life in the future we have to asses by now how much are we worth, later on we will have a baseline data.

It’s just the first quarter of the year and I will try to publish my progress so I will know if I am reaching my dream.  And it’s “To be a millionaire before I reach 50 years old.”  That is 10 years from now. Haha. Too ambitious right?  It’s better to have a dream and working on it that just dreaming. I realize that I don’t want to die poor.  And there are a lot of ways to earn money  I just have to study and motivate myself and learn how to achieve my dream in shortest way possible.

Ok.  So this is how much I have.  Please don’t laugh because there’s nothing much really.  But I will also tell my side hustles because I am just starting up.

Honestly the only money I’ve got in the bank is Php20,000.  It’s nothing much.  I want it to be a million bucks in 10 years time.  Pretty ambitious.  I know.

As an Operating Room Nurse I am earning Php 15,000 each month.  I am starting my saving up challenge I am trying to save Php2000 each pay day so that is Php4000 each month.  I am just starting to save so let’s calculate.

4000×12 = 48,000 ( I hope I can push through. Presently I have Php 5000. It is supposed to be 6k but I paid for my host.

Google Adsense – USD 30.00 ( It’s from my other site.  I haven’t cash out anything yet)

Lazada Affiliate – Php0.00 ( I just signed up with them. I am a frequent shopper then.  Now I am one of their affiliate)

Nuffnang – Php 190.00 ( from my other site)

Snappcart – Php 87.00

Infolinks -USD 13.00 (from my other site)

Shopback – Php361.00

Steemit- USD 0.01


I know most of it are just receivable.  For now, that’s all I have.

What about you?  How much is your net worth?


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