Pinoy work abroad page is dedicated to soon to be aspirants,who are hoping to fulfill their dreams in a foreign land to seek a greener pasture.  Through these page I will try to discuss what are the necessary requirements, where to get them, the price and the what nots.  I might also add up some agency that I highly recommend but as early as now I am telling you that I am not affiliated with one of them.

In the Philippines almost 70-80% Filipino household have a relatives working abroad because we are thinking that if we work abroad we will get a chance of having a better life.  Knowing that their currency is higher than ours.  And we can send a higher amount of money compared to working here in our own country.  it is the reality of life.  Someone or somebody need to work abroad to achieve their dreams.

Ever since time immemorial there are a lot of Filipino workers who are dreaming of going overseas and there are also a lot of them who are presently working and living abroad.  These is their way of helping their family and providing for their needs at the same time to improve their way of life.

I was once a pinoy working abroad.  And I am also one of the hopefuls to get a career abroad.

Join me in my adventure and share your thoughts.


How to find job abroad?

Finding a job abroad is not easy as 1,2,3. It entails hard work, because there are a lot of documents that you need to comply and also you need to consult Mr Google quite a lot to look for feed backs and status of the agency where you wish to apply. .

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What: King Fahad Specialist Hospital

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