Scan your QR Code at 50% Rebate

Yesterday, GCash has a promo of 50% rebate on your purchases using the QR Code of your GCash.  Everybody rush to the supermarkets and groceries nearby and shop till they drop because the said promo will run for just one day.  Unfortunately for me my GCash wallet was empty at the moment and I am at work so I don’t have the chance to enjoy the said promo.  There are a lot of consumers that take advantage of the said promo because its economical and they can save from their purchases. By the way the cash back is through their GCash wallet.  So they, will still pay the full amount and wait at a later time their rebate.  For those of you who don’t have a GCash please visit the apps store and download the GCash app

You can use my referral code 311ECD

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