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Promo: Rebates using Gcash Scan Pay QR

Get rebates using GCash Scan Pay QR  Promo is ongoing now capped at Php300.  Their promo is open starting today up to June 30th 2018.  There is no minimum or maximum spend on these.  I think the rebate is up to 30% but only limited for Php300 for your first  transaction during the whole duration.  Let’s say I spent Php1000 I will get only Php300 as rebate, even if I spend up to Php5000 I can only get Php300 because it is capped up to Php300 only.  Not bad eh?  I mean that’s a big savings considering that everything are sky high you will get a fare amount. You should be aware that you will still pay the amount you purchased and you will get your money back a few days after.

For those of you who doens’t know GCash yet. Please download the app here.  Don’t worry its free.  Kindly use my referral code so you can have a Php20 on your account.  And you can start enjoy getting rebates and money backs on GCash Merchants.  There are quite a lot of merchant offering GCash payment like Robinsons supermarket, Puregold, Southstar, bench and many more.  Discover and enjoy getting rebates through Gcash.

When you register kindly put my referral code 311ECD.   So wen can both have a rewards from GCash.

I am so happy that I found out GCash because they offer a lot of rebates and I am using it as my virtual wallet where I can pay my electric, water bills, pay my groceries, and buy my load.  That is so convenient.  Before GCash was just for globe subscriber but now I think they now offer to other mobile provider as well.


You can read about GCash information here.

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