Make Money: Get a rebate from your groceries by Snapcart app

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I want to share with you my experience with the Snapcart app which I downloaded recently at the play store. And show you how to make money by means  of getting rebates or cashback using the SnappCart app by using your receipts.

What is Snapcart?

It is a mobile app which allows you to make money by earning rebates or cashback by means of  uploading a receipt from your mobile phone with no extra cost from you.  Acceptable receipts are from the supermarkets, drugstore and beauty stores.  I believe this mobile app caters not just from the Philippines but in Asia as well.  So you’d better keep and snap your receipts before you throw it away.  You will get a rebate depending on the amount of your valid snapped receipts. I believe you can snap for as slow as Php100 receipts to a couple of thousand receipts.

How does it work?

Don’t just throw away your receipts.  Why don’t you make money from it by turning it into extra cash by means of getting rebates or cashback?  So before anything else, you have to download the app at the play store.  Register and start snapping the receipts.  Make sure you follow the instruction to avoid the receipts from being rejected.  Use clear receipts only that is not more than 3 days from your purchase.  Wait for a couple of hours for the approval and voila.


Once you reached Php250, you will be able to cash out your rebates by transferring it to your bank account or you can use it to top out your mobile load.  Don’t worry this is secure, they will not hack your bank.  It’s for money transfer purposes only.


I highly recommend you to try this app.  It might just give you extra cash or shall I say will cashback on you. By the way you can download the Snappcart app at the play store. Also there are a lot of testimonials from this app that is why I am so convinced in trying this as well.

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2 thoughts on “Make Money: Get a rebate from your groceries by Snapcart app

  1. Hi, can I use receipts from any store? Does it have to have a minimum amount of purchase for the receipt to be valid? This look like a very useful app that I need to check every time I get home after my groceries.

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