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Snapcart Tips and Tricks

Resulta ng larawan para sa snap cart

People who are new to these might ask what is a Snapcart?? Well for those who did not know,  Snapcart is an app that will help you earn money through rebates and money back using your receipts by taking a picture and uploading it in their app.  You can download the said app for free at Google Playstore.

I’ve been using Snapcart app for a while now. And I just found out today and I will share the Snapcart Tips and Tricks.  Lol.  Maybe for some this is just old news but for a newbie like me this is truly exciting.  Excited to increase my money back to reach the desired pay out. haha.

Maybe I’ve been snapping for 3 weeks and my earning is on the 100php threshold, it’s not yet enough to redeem my cash rebate but I did find out that in order for me to get higher points I need to play the games, answer surveys and the most important of all I learned that whenever I made a big amount purchase especially the grocery I should ask the cashier to divide it into portions.  Let’s say cut it into 2000php each because P2000 is equals to 40php.  No matter if your receipt is at 5000php or 10000php value for a single receipt you will still get 40php.  So from now on I will set limit or asked the cashier to have a divided receipt so I’ll get much more money back.  The more receipts you get and snapped the more cashback rewards you will get. Isn’t it sweet?


What about you? Are you using snapcart too? Do you mind sharing your Snapcart tips and tricks?

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