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The blogging industry is taking the world wide web by storm.  Almost everybody wants to be a blogger and influencer nowadays, because the profit is definitely higher than their regular job,  and aside from that you can write whatever you want and whenever.  All you need is a internet connection and a computer.  No extra cost.  I bet that’s sweet.  Some take it to the highest level by buying a domain and have their site hosted. These is the sign that they mean it seriously.  According to some information that I got, if you own a domain name some entrepreneur will contact you and collaborate with you in exchange of a review or a spot in your website.  Let’s say that your site has a higher page rank there is no question that higher brands would want to make a deal with you.

So how do someone become a millionaire just by having a blog or a website?  Well, it is not a secret if I tell you that blogs or website earn through ads and affiliate marketing.  And if you hit the right market, you will earn money even if you are sleeping, that’s what you call passive income.

How to get started:

  1. Think of niche – a topic that you like and you are more familiar with be it make up, brands, business, travel or whatever your heart desire
  2. Look for a free blog platform if you don’t have the budget yet – WordPress or Blogger are my choice
  3. Write or update your blog daily if possible
  4. Study SEO – this is how you will gain the insights on how to monitize your site or blog
  5. Link your blogs to your social media accounts so you will have a wide audience
  6. Research how to get traffic.  If your blog is as traffic as EDSA you will be a millionaire soon. Lol.
  7. Get a Paypal account, adsense account and engage in affiliate marketing.

Please take note that this is not so easy.  There are a lot of heartbreaks along the way.  A stumble will help you learn the business of blogging.  You can’t just grow your audience overnight.  That is why it is important to join the community for bloggers.

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